Transformation Through the Whole Bodymind 

UZAZU Embodied Intelligence offers a comprehensive model & method for facilitating deep transformation through body-mind integration.

During this 90-minute webinar, our main focus is on providing clear guidance and creating a space for you have your own unique experience with the four core modes of embodied engagement.

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UZAZU has transformed my coaching practice and my personal life in ways that I couldn't have imagined.  Using UZAZU, I can now get to the roots of any issue much more quickly and then easily work with it in an embodied way, which has made me much more effective in my work with clients.


What is Embodied Intelligence?

Our bodies are an integral source of intelligence, insight, and power, not just vessels for our minds.

Embodied intelligence is a holistic, integrative frame for understanding how information flows as a result of the interactions between the body and other bodies, the environment, and culture. Alive and engaged and ever-responsive to the needs of the moment, this kind of intelligence is shaped by how our systems integrate awareness, movement, the senses, posture, breath, thought patterns, and energy — and it can be learned.

At UZAZU Embodied Intelligence, we're on a mission to make it easy for everyone, regardless of their background, capacities, and challenges, to tap into the wisdom and strength of their whole selves individually and collectively. 

What we Offer

Whether you want to shift some hard-to-change patterns in your own life and/or you want to work in a more holistically and consistently embodied way with clients, UZAZU has some great options to support you.
Receive 1-1 Sessions with a Certified UZAZU Practitioner

Experience the power of UZAZU Embodied Intelligence to rapidly increase self-awareness and facilitate deep transformation in your life. View our directory of certified practitioners and find the right fit for you.

Take the 3-Day Foundations of Embodied Intelligence Training

Unlock the power of Embodied Intelligence in your professional 1-1 practice. Learn to access balanced states, identify and shift imbalanced states, and to facilitate integrative, embodied change in 1-1 sessions.

Join our 9-Month Practitioner Certification Training Journey

Building on the Foundations Training, this 9-month professional training will support you in mastering UZAZU's comprehensive, integrative approach to embodied facilitation and catalyze your own further personal growth.

About UZAZU Embodied Intelligence

An integrative approach for understanding and working with embodied states.

UZAZU Embodied Intelligence offers a research-backed model & method to help professionals facilitate deep transformation in their clients. This comprehensive and highly adaptable embodiment-based method can be used for almost any issueーin a way that amplifies the potency of your existing skill sets.

Our free online self-assessment of embodied state balance & regulation has been statistically validated across 800 subjects and is a uniquely valuable additional tool to help facilitators quickly identify with clients what kinds of state-shifts and re-patterning might best serve.

If you have experience in the field of psychotherapy, coaching, consulting, and/or body-oriented 1-1 work, you may find that UZAZU can bring a more full-spectrum body-focused approach to your 1-1 sessions that can help your clients rapidly increase self-awareness, build self-regulation skills and engage more freely and fully in the challenges of daily life.

Developed through 20 years of research and practice.

UZAZU Embodied Intelligence is the result of 20 years of original research & development by Dylan Newcomb, initially catalyzed by 3 years of funding from the Dutch government.

This holistic approach integrates findings on human responses to vowel sounds and physical movements & postures with established models of Ego Development Theory, Phonetics, Mindfulness Practice, Taoist Yin-Yang Theory, Dynamical Systems Theory, Integral Theory, Stimulus-Response Conditioning, Polyvagal Theory, Dimensional Theories of Affect & Emotion and Attachment Theory.

Integrating these models & methods with UZAZU allows us to engage with them in a way that is directly embodied and actionable, providing tangible benefits to practitioner and clients alike.

The Main Features & Benefits of UZAZU

Here are the main things our Certified Practitioners report appreciating most about learning and using this modality.

Provides a comprehensive, integrative structure that supports your own creativity & intuition

UZAZU Embodied Intelligence offers a comprehensive, well-structured yet flexible framework to facilitate change, based on nine simple postures and movements. Having this solid underlying framework allows practitioners to trust their spontaneous, adaptive ideas and associations due to a deeper understanding of the underlying patterns and principles. It connects rationality and intuition, creating an intentional yet dynamic & co-creative space to explore the potential of the whole self, while honoring both the uniqueness of each person and their connection to larger, more universal patterns or truths. UZAZU’s well-structured, holistic framework and overarching process accounts for the full spectrum of embodied states, helps you much more easily spot any deeper limiting patterns, and quickly and creatively work to embody the relevant, balanced, and empowering states that will be most resourcing.

Combines top-down & bottom-up process flows to catalyze potent mind-body transformation

UZAZU utilizes a synergistic approach to mind-body integration, combining two main flows: Bottom-Up (or 'inside out') and Top-Down (or 'outside in'). Bottom-Up integration focuses on uncovering hidden, often unconscious emotions, energies, and mental associations from within, while Top-Down integration focuses on consciously evoking, envisioning and then embodying desired qualities and new ways of being. This bi-directionality of energy & information flow provides us the opportunity to cultivate synergy between the conscious and unconscious levels of our bodymind and more easily and rapidly promote greater awareness, integration, and realization of potential.

Supports both quick, rebalancing state-shifts and developmental, sustained healing & growth

UZAZU combines the power of immediate shifts with the potential of long-term growth. It helps clients easily and intuitively re-balance a wide range of dysregulated states and activate balanced, resourcing states. However, UZAZU’s core polarities and understanding of embodied states are also deeply integrated with and informed by core principles from Developmental Psychology and Constructivist Ego Development, giving practitioners a grounded understanding of the states and embodied patterns their clients need to work on. This allows for a more comprehensive and sustainable healing experience, empowering practitioners to support their clients both in the present moment and long into the future.

Combines well with other modalities, enriching your process & improving overall client outcomes

UZAZU is a comprehensive system of embodied principles and states that can be easily combined with other methods in organic and synergistic ways. Once learned, UZAZU provides the user with a "language of embodiment," which can be used to model and explore a wide range of concepts from psychology, talk-centered therapy, coaching frameworks, and more. Additionally, UZAZU helps to quickly cultivate embodied awareness and insights related to a complete range of lived situations and patterns. This can help surface feelings, memories, and ideas that may be below the level of conscious awareness. Once brought into embodied awareness, these things can be worked with using UZAZU or any other modality of choice.

Meet The Trainers & Community

We're committed to providing accessible and engaging education & training in embodied intelligence. Together with a vibrant community of well-trained helping professionals, we are continually evolving this modality.

Over 3000 people have taken trainings in UZAZU, across four continents. Our community of Certified Practitioners is spread across North America & Western Europe, and is growing each year.

Dylan Newcomb and Deb Grant serve as the principal trainers and work with several experienced UZAZU-certified Training Assistants who support our trainings. 

As our community continues to expand, we're preparing to 'train the trainers', bringing UZAZU Embodied Intelligence's approach to even more helping professionals, individuals and communities around the world.

Dylan Newcomb

Founder-DirEctor & Main Co-Trainer

Dylan is a mind-body researcher, coach, lead developer & trainer of UZAZU for 20 years, and a former professional dancer.

Deb Grant, LCSW, RSMT

Main Co-Trainer & Clinical Consultant

Deb is a trauma-informed psychotherapist with 25 years of experience integrating and teaching somatic methods.

What our Certified Practitioners Say

UZAZU is such a holistic and comprehensive method. Among many things, it's helped me become more aware of my body and habits, manage my energy better, and stay more grounded while working with groups. It provides a complete package of embodiment, which has helped me integrate my own experiences and find a better balance between being and doing. Whether you're a therapist, coach, dancer, or even working with children or seniors, UZAZU can be adapted to your profession and is an amazing program to enhance your facilitation skills.

Susanna Holowati

Embodied Change Facilitator, Coach, Corporate Trainer, CERTIFIED UZAZU PRACTITIONER

Marina Bondarenko e1574344476356

As a psychotherapist, coach, and business-trainer for 25 years, UZAZU gave me a valuable set of new tools, right from the beginning! I've found it to be a powerful foundation for doing embodied work that enhances the effectiveness of all my other methods, such as Constellations, Gestalt Therapy, and other Body-mind work. UZAZU is simple, yet also deep and wide. It provides me with fast and accurate diagnostics and gives me endless opportunities for ongoing self-growth! I highly recommend UZAZU as an effective system for all helping professionals.

Marina Bondarenko


I've studied a lot of the embodiment work that's out there... And UZAZU is, for me anyway, the most elegant system of embodiment that I've come across. All of the different modes, or postures, fit together in such a beautiful way. I see it as a language of embodiment, that we can use then to model our psychology and our state, and for our clients as well. So it starts to become a meta-framework I can use to translate these other frameworks into UZAZU, into an embodied language.

Khali Young


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