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A 12-Week Online Course with Embodiment Expert & UZAZU Founder, Dylan Newcomb

The Foundations of Dynamic Embodiment

Step into Your Next Level of Empowering Connectedness with your Self, Others, and the World!

This course is currently in session and will start again in Spring 2019

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Reduce Confusion And Mental Overwhelm With Embodiment 2

Are You tired of Your Mind Trying to Tell your Body What to Do & how to Feel?

The typical 'Mind vs Body' Dynamic Locks You in a Struggle

The moment your mind perceives something as ‘not ideal’, as being ‘not the way I want it’ (and this could be a feeling that's uncomfortable for you, a life event that is 'not going well enough', or some kind of tension in your relationship with your self or someone else) then this tends to re-ignite that deep & often chronic struggle within your Mind-Body connection. The seeds of 'inner-conflict' have been sown again.

The mind quickly develops an idea about 'what’s wrong' with the situation and forms some concept about what ‘something better’ should look and feel like. And then it starts trying to tell the body what to do: "You should STOP doing that and START doing THIS!” and/or: “You shouldn't feel this way, you should feel that way!" In other words, your mind tries to boss your body around.

But maybe the Body doesn’t feel like 'obeying' the mind.. Maybe your emotions just aren’t ‘in the mood’ for it… What then!? Tension, stress, and internal conflicts ensue. Even just 'getting through the day' can then feel like a confusing and tiring struggle.

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"How Can I Get Out of My HEAD & move into a more Naturally Empowering State?"

Your Bodymind can learn to function as a Dynamic Whole

If only we could stop 'should-ing' on ourselves all the time... We dearly need a more productive & joyful way for our mind and body to collaborate with each other—in ALL areas of our life! And that’s where UZAZU’s Dynamic Embodiment approach can help.

By reconnecting and aligning your core patterns of behavior, feeling and thought, UZAZU Dynamic Embodiment re-trains your whole bodymind to work together as a more deeply coherent & highly responsive Dynamic System, both internally and externally — And that translates into more natural flow and joy across all areas of your life. 

By doing the deeply integrative Dynamic Embodiment practices, you significantly reduce the overload on your mental thinking process and you activate your whole bodymind's innate intelligences (i.e. your capacity to sense & respond appropriately). This deeper connectivity naturally brings you into more fully empowered states.

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Learn & Practice  UZAZU Dynamic Embodiment and  Find Your Natural Flow!

Dynamic Embodiment can help you to Naturally Thrive

This 12-week online course in The Foundations of Dynamic Embodiment will teach you a simple, yet very powerful 'essential tool-kit' for skillfully connecting and integrating your mind and body.

That means your bodymind can much more ease-fully abide in a state of connection & coherence with whatever is happening—and that sense of 'constant inner-struggle' is significantly reduced. The various movements within your Self and between you and your World feel like a wrestling match and more like a dance 🙂

And this is why we call it Dynamic Embodiment—because learning & practicing it conditions you to responsively embody whatever feeling & action states will most appropriately empower you to fulfill the needs of the moment.

If more patience & surrender is called for, then your bodymind flows into that much more readily. If boldness and assertiveness are called for, then the bodymind is happy to go there too... You find yourself dynamically responding to each moment. Please read on to learn more about how this special 12-week course teaches this.

How Dynamic Embodiment Speeds Your Growth...

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The Simplicity and Power of Core Principles—Embodied

UZAZU's set of 8 essential body postures, together with their accompanying vowel sounds, core images, thought-forms, and posture-interlinking movements are simple enough that anyone can learn & effectively perform them almost immediately. You do NOT need to have a 'movement background' or even have 'good physical coordination' to start getting profound benefits from these practices right away.

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A Deeply Integrated Approach Leads to Rapid, Lasting Change

By activating your whole body-mind system simultaneously at the levels of body, emotion, and thought, in dynamic interaction with your environment, Dynamic Embodiment practices are inherently integrative, and can rapidly catalyze significant shifts. The changes tend to stick because they came about in a holistic, ecologically balanced way. Just 15-30 minutes of practice, a few times a week, can quickly stimulate real change.

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Changing YouR Process Creates Different Results in your Life

The 'results' you are currently experiencing in your life, are a direct result of your current processes. Unfortunately, a large part of that is unconscious. (It's the old 'you don't know what you don't know' dilemma.) By re-patterning how your bodymind system naturally responds to situations, you find that many areas of your life just start 'going more smoothly'. Your Thinking can relax more, letting Feeling & Action flow.

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meet the Course Instructor:

Dylan Newcomb

Founder-Director, UZAZU Dynamic Embodiment

Raised on a farm in Maine, USA, Dylan went on to study both dance and music composition at the Juilliard School in New York City. He then left the USA to join the renowned Nederlands Dans Theater, where he danced for eight years.  

During his following 10 years as a multi-award winning freelance choreographer-composer in the Netherlands, Dylan lectured and taught at the University of Amsterdam, the CodArts Conservatory in Rotterdam, and Utrecht University, during which time, he starting exploring how states of consciousness and Buddhist Mindfulness practice can affect and enrich movement practices.

With generous funding by the Dutch government, Dylan went on to co-found a movement research lab in 2001, called Danslab, where he conducted a series of sound & movement research projects. Through this, he discovered that specific vowel-sounds, when combined with specific body postures and movement patterns, directly stimulate specific patterns of emotion, thought and behavior. 

These findings were then further enriched by exploring how these embodied patterns related to various personality theories & typologies and models of psycho-social developmental stages. This work of embodiment-based research & development has continued evolving for over 17 years now and comes together in the method known as UZAZU Dynamic Embodiment.

To date, over 3,000 people worldwide have learned UZAZU and used it to help them become more deeply self-aware, embody a more full range of emotions, integrate past traumatic events, connect with others more deeply & skillfully, and become more clear, motivated & effective in their work.

Dylan has certified eighteen Embodied Change Facilitation Coaches who use UZAZU in their own work with clients to help them more quickly and profoundly embody whatever they are working on.

Dylan now lives in Freeport Maine (back full-circle to where he grew up), in a house in the woods with his wife Kyung-sun Baek and their fiery seven year old daughter Kiana. He divides his time between ongoing bodymind research, working with private clients 1-1 (primarily online), and teaching & training people around the world in the UZAZU Dynamic Embodiment method.

What people are saying...

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Dylan is a master facilitator whose compassionate, gentle approach, creates an immediate safe space where profound transformations can take place. I truly walked away with priceless new understandings of where I could step into being more.

Shirley Weiss  —  MA, HHC, WeissHolistic

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...Things Happen when I work with Dylan

Things happen when I work with Dylan. Engaging body, mind and spirit simultaneously, his integrated approach is fast, deep, and profound! Our work together has helped me experience joy and amplified my own potential to step forward powerfully in life.

Robin Reinach  —  Writer, Producer, Investor

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I was left with a strong sense of underlying completeness

To put it as simply as I can, UZAZU movements and practices give me a clear experience of being in the world with all of me. After completing the all the practices in the training, I was left with a strong sense of underlying completeness. Not that everything was easy, mind you, or “magically fixed” or anything—the experience was something more simple and profound. Deep inside, I felt like I had reached all over the place and had gently uncovered every stone, so to speak, seeing what was good, seeing what needed care, and knowing that I had a non-cognitive, embodied approach to work with.

Alex Iglecia  —  EPIC Facilitator and Author

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...one of the two best embodiment teachers of his generation

"Dylan is one of the two best embodiment teachers of his generation. (I am the other one, so I should know 😉 Seriously—the man’s a master at what he does.”

MARK WALSH —  Embodiment Trainer, UK

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I am able to process emotional waves much more deeply and swiftly

I have become more focused, discerning, and purposeful. I am making more money and cultivating better relationships. I am able to process emotional waves much more deeply and swiftly and find I have a deeper understanding of, and appreciation for, the underlying dynamics of life. The language of UZAZU has given me an embodied way to be with the details and processes of all aspects of my life.

Luna Marendi  —  Personal Coach & Trainer and Embodied Facilitator

Introducing the 12-Week Online UZAZU Course:

The Foundations of Dynamic Embodiment

These 12 Modules of the Course, released one per week, will ensure you gain both deeper understanding and skill in your own modes of embodied being and doing, as well as support you in applying & integrating these deep-level pattern shifts into your own life.

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Modules 1-2: Deepening Your Self-Awareness Through EmbodYing Polarity 

These first two modules give you a deeply experiential introduction to the core principles and polarities of Dynamic Embodiment and function as a powerful Self-Assessment process that deepens your embodied self-awareness, right from the start. By experiencing, evaluating, and reflecting on each of the core Bodymind Dimensions of UZAZU, and making key connections to how you are currently showing up in your life, you'll gain crucial new insights into how the embodied nature of your current 'strengths & limitations' in daily life.

Centering The 1st Core Embodiment Skill A Man Focuses Inward To Find His Center 300x300

Modules 3-4: Get Grounded & Self-Regulated by Embodying Your Center 

A truly empowering Embodiment is founded on your capacity to be deeply present to and and lovingly supportive of your own Center.  Module 3 focuses on Deep Grounding into your body and becoming more profoundly comfortable with your sensations & feelings. Module 4 focuses on Effective Self-Regulation—how you can attend to your inner-feeling states and skillfully manage & balance them, both in solitude and in public.

Boundarying The 2nd Embodiment Skill Area Woman Sets A Clear Boundary With A Firm But Gentle Strength 300x300

Modules 5-6: Stand Strong & Show-Up Fully by Embodying Your BoundarY 

Your Boundary shapes the space that defines and empowers YOU. It's also the membrane though which your share your Self and receive the World. Embodying your boundary more effectively & ease-fully makes living in the world so much less triggering and so much more naturally empowering!  Module 5 focuses on the embodiment of  Standing Firmly in your truth-in-the-moment and Module 6 teaches you how manage the two pathways of Authentic Expression & Openness to Experience.

Connecting The 3rd Embodiment Skill Area A Caregiver Connects With A Senior 300x300

Modules 7-8: Make Meaningful Connections by Embodying your Contacts 

 How you show up and 'tune-in' to each new point of Contact—where your Boundary meets an Other's—determines the potential richness of that interaction. Module 7 explores the core embodiment patterns that support you in Making Connections that are authentically enlivening & meaningful. Module 8 trains you to use these connection skills to enter into Sustained Flow States that free you to follow your natural intuition & flow with the process.

Bonding The 4th Core Embodiment Skill A Mother And Child Experience Connection 300x300

Modules 9-10: Manifest Shared Goodness by Embodying Your Exchanges 

The more fully coherent and engaged your Exchanges are with Others, the more you can participate in co-creating things of real value and forming deeper relationships in the process. Module 9 focuses on the embodiment of 'doing good on purpose' & 'making a contribution'. Module 10 explores the 'meshwork space' of embodied co-creativity and dynamic synergy.

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Modules 11-12: Bringing Dynamic Embodiment into the Dance of Life 

Now it's time to weave it all together... In Module 11, you'll explore the dynamic relationships, synergies, and tensions between each of the 8 core modes of embodiment you've been practicing. In Module 12 we'll lean into exactly where and how in your life you can apply these modes of embodiment to optimize the dynamic responsiveness and unique flow that's wanting to happen in each moment. So that 'embodiment' becomes not just something you do in a safe practice space, but also a natural part of how you live life!

You can Engage at 3 Different Levels...

We all have different needs, priorities and resources (time and/or money!) at any given moment. So we've designed this 'embodiment journey' to adapt and meet you where you are at. You can take the course at 3 different levels of engagement—each level contains & builds on the layer before it and affording you a more deeply transformational process.

The Core Course

Single Person Core Course 1 150x150

Learn the Foundations of Dynamic Embodiment

+ Group Coaching

Group Coaching Icon 4 150x150

Connect to Transform Your Deeper Limiting Patterns

+ Private Coaching

Private Coaching Icon 2 150x150

Embody Your Life's Journey At It's Next Stage

The Core Course

Single Person Core Course 1 150x150

The Core Course is designed to teach you all the foundational principles of Dynamic Embodiment and to give you a solid, powerful set of simple practices you can continue to use and grow with for years to come.

FDE 1 Course Content Area Imopression 1

This course is designed not as an 'information download', but rather as a deeply transformational journey. The sequence of posture-movements you will learn and practice mirrors, in a thoroughly embodied way, the stages of early childhood through early adulthood. And this gives your bodymind the unique opportunity to systematically re-pattern and 'upgrade' many of the habits, unconscious limiting beliefs, and bodymind schemas that became habituated at each key stage of your growing up. And it does this in a way that not only promotes deep mind-body integration, but also builds deep self-other, relational integration. And it's the combination of the two that's so key.

Embodied Development And Growth Requires Caring Support 150x150

A solid, complete foundation for ongoing Embodied Growth and Development...

Joining this course provides you with the support, guidance and accountability to maintain a consistent, highly transformational embodiment practice. Having an experienced embodiment teacher-mentor to guide and support you will help keep you progressing, through the inevitable questions & challenges that come up along the path. And you'll be doing all this within a community of earnest, caring individuals who are there to support each other.

Each Week, a New Course Module is Released that Gives You:

  • A Learning Video that teaches you the key concepts, core principles, and embodied practices of that module
  • A Practice Video that guides you through the main embodiment practice of that module
  • PDF Summaries & handy 'Cheat Sheets' of all Learning and Practice materials
  • A 90-minute Live, Interactive, Practice Class with Dylan, via Zoom, with shared video presence
  • A Reflection Question about the week's main theme—so you can share your thoughts & experiences and spark deeper dialogue & group interaction within our private Group Discussion Forum in the Course Member's Area

The Group Coaching

Group Coaching Icon 4 150x150

With the added Weekly Group Coaching Sessions & extra practices, you have a potent, supportive container in which to do deeper, more personalized  integration work. In the past course, having this additional deepening was a huge benefit for people.

UZAZU Foundations Course Group Coaching Session Impression 1 Cohort 1 1

If you are looking to transform your current patterning at a deep level—be it attachment wounds, or patterns of negative thought emotions, and/or behavior, then adding the Group Coaching layer is highly recommended. You can already do a LOT with just the basic course, if you really go for it and 'do the work', but for many of us, being an active part of a loving, supporting, interactive group process can make all the difference in really facilitating deep, consistent and integrated change to occur. Honestly, it's also just easier to consistently show up and stay fully involved in the course when you feel an active part of a group process. In addition to more personal interaction and 'embodied process-work', one key part of the deeper work we do here is about integrating positive thought-forms into the whole bodymind.

Embodied Transformation Involves Changing Sub Conscious Thoughts Emotions And Behaviors 150x150

Embodied Transformation of Sub-Conscious Limiting Beliefs is KEY to Real Growth

In a sense, ALL  beliefs are limiting. It's just that holding certain 'beliefs' can be deeply empowering inner-boundaries for you to hold at certain periods or in certain situations in your life. Until they aren't any more. Then they hold you back big time, and can be really hard to let go of! In UZAZU, we don't work with 'installing positive beliefs' or flooding our mind-space with 'positive affirmations'. Instead, we cultivate the bodymind's capacity to hold & release a full spectrum of constructive thought-forms and flow each unique 'shape of intent' coherently through the body and into the space. This way, you're not creating new beliefs to latch onto and then later need to shed, but rather you're cultivating the capacity to FULLY show up in whichever way the moment invites. And during this process, we notice where the body is not feeling safe in allowing the mind to release certain outdated thought-forms, then we help the body safely & ease-fully let these limiting beliefs go.

The Additional Group Coaching Layer Gives You:

  • A Weekly 2-hour in-depth Group Session, diving deeply and personally into the core challenges and growth opportunities of that Module's main themes and posture-movements.
  • 'Hot-seat' moments of 1-1 Coaching with Dylan, using largely UZAZU-based somatic integration, which you both receive directly and get to watch others go through—great for added perspective, and for helping professionals.
  • Regular Breakout Groups of 2-3 people, where you do interactive, guided UZAZU exercises that are profoundly helpful in integrating the work—both personally AND interpersonally. (This was our last group's favorite part!)
  • A PDF with an In-Depth List of Supportive Sentences, or 'Shapes of Intent' to integrate w/ that Module's themes. 
  • Arguably the most valuable aspect of the Group Coaching track is the deeper relationships and loving, supportive community that naturally form during the process. There's something uniquely potent about doing embodied work with shared video presence that—even in an online space—creates a remarkable sense of connectedness. 
  • Bonus: As a Group Coaching participant, you will receive a 75 minute 1-1 Session w/ Dylan (if you're not not also doing 1-1 Coaching Package). Having your session about mid-way into the course is generally recommended.

The Private Coaching

Private Coaching Icon 2 150x150

Private Coaching with Dylan includes the Group Coaching and can help you Clarify Your Direction & Embody your Life's Journey into the Next Stage of your Development

An Online Embodiment Coaching Session With Dylan Newcomb
The Embody Your Purpose Coaching Journey Board 1024x596

Private Coaching Sessions, with Dylan done either weekly or bi-weekly via Zoom video, can support you in evolving more quickly and gracefully into the next stage of your natural evolution.

Private coaching, using a dynamic combination of UZAZU, Energy Psychology and 'more conventional' coaching approaches, has been one of the main focuses of Dylan's work over the past 8 years. 

Particularly if you are feeling stubbornly held back by unresolved past events (at any level) and/or uncertain about where to direct your focus and 'purposeful work' at this juncture, then adding this private coaching layer can make a huge difference.

Purchasing the coaching session together with the Course & Group Coaching multiplies the effectiveness of either one on it's own and effectively makes this coaching almost half-price, compared to doing private coaching with Dylan later, separately. 

UZAZU Is A METHOD That Gives You An Embodied Practice For Your Ongoing Developmental Journey

Be supported on your own Individual Journey of Transformation & Growth

In his private practice, Dylan works primarily with adults who've already done a fair amount of 'personal growth & healing work', but who find themselves at the limits of what their past approaches have been able to offer, and are attracted to working in a way that's both deeply embodied, integrally transpersonal, and continually relational.

Here's what you get, when you Sign up for Private Coaching:

  • Eight 75-minute Embody Your Purpose Coaching Sessions with Dylan Newcomb via Zoom Video Conferencing.
  • Optional Recordings of each session directly to your laptop or desktop computer so you can review it again later.
  • Embodied "homework" practices after each session, posted on your Journey Board, to keep you moving forward.
  • A customized, interactive online Coaching Journey Board to support your process & keep you effectively focused.
  • Pre & Post Session Reflection Forms, that are read by Dylan and later discussed together, to optimize your learning & integration feedback loops.
  • Chat support via your Coaching Board, in between sessions, to help you through any questions or 'process snags' you may have.

If you are very interested in potentially doing the private coaching option, but/and you have any questions or doubt at all, you can ask it via the chat button below, email Dylan directly at dylan.newcomb@uzazu.org, and/or you're very welcome to grab a 25-minute slot on Dylan's calendar here and talk about it directly with him!

Click here to see what people are saying about working privately with Dylan...

Is this Course a good fit for you right now...?

This Course Is  for You if...

  • check-circle-o
    You're looking for a way to be less 'stuck in your head' and more effectively flowing in the moment though your whole bodymind.
  • check-circle-o
    You want to have embodied practices you can easily learn & do that not only 'feel good', but also really help you 'show up' more effectively in life.
  • check-circle-o
    You're committed to your ongoing personal growth & evolution and willing to make time for it. 
  • check-circle-o
    You want to create more space around your story-telling mind and live into a more tangible experience of goodness through your whole body.
  • check-circle-o
    You're wanting to shift some key, long-standing patterns of Thought, Emotion, and Behavior and thinking and talk-centered approaches have seemed limited in their ultimate effectiveness.

This Course is Not  for You if...

  • times-circle-o
    You are not feeling open right now to learning & experiencing a new practice that invites you to enagage with your whole bodymind.
  • times-circle-o
    You are not able or willing to invest 2-3 hours per week of your time in the course materials.
  • times-circle-o
    You are not feeling open or motivated right now to do things that will engage your social and emotional self & invite you to interact with others.
  • times-circle-o
    You're not available or open to learning and practicing in an online community situation.
  • times-circle-o
    You have been diagnosed with a specific mental-emotional condition and have not yet consulted with your professional healthcare practitioner about taking this course. (Have them review this page and reach out to me with any questions...)
Knowhow Guarantee
Receive a Complete Refund within the First 30 Days, if you...

Fully complete the first two modules of the course and are feeling it's not something you want to keep doing, for whatever reason. Just send an email to support@uzazu.org and we'll refund your entire payment, no questions asked. (We just require that you give it a real try first 😉 )

Choose the Package and Payment Plan that's Right for You...

Private Coaching

Private Coaching Icon 2 150x150

Embody Your Life's Journey At It's Next Stage

5 Monthly Payments of:

$ 737

  • Includes everything in the Core Course & Group Coaching layers
  • Eight 75-minute Embody Your Purpose private coaching sessions
  • A private Coaching Journey Board  w/ customized 'homework' practices
  • Private messaging support from Dylan to aid your ongoing progress

Group Coaching

Group Coaching Icon 4 150x150

Connect to Transform Your Deeper Limiting Patterns

4 Monthly Payments of:

$ 374

  • Includes everything in the Online Course Package
  • One 90-minute Private Session with Dylan, anytime during the course.
  • 12 Weekly 2-hour Group Coaching Sessions of UZAZU-based, guided re-patterning of subconscious beliefs
  • Building deep connections, learning & getting support from the Group
  • 2 Extra Group Sessions, after the course is complete, for Integration

Core Course

Single Person Core Course 1 150x150

Learn the Foundations of Dynamic Embodiment

3 Monthly Payments of:

$ 247

  • 12 Weekly Course Modules with engaging learning & practice videos
  • Handy PDF Overviews of all practice materials
  • 12 Weekly Live, 90-minute Interactive Practice Classes with Dylan
  • A community forum to interact with other members as you learn & grow
  • Downloadable Practice Videos

Private Coaching

Private Coaching Icon 2 150x150

Embody Your Life's Journey At It's Next Stage

One Payment of:

$ 3497

  • Includes everything in the Core Course & Group Coaching layers
  • Eight 75-minute Embody Your Purpose private coaching sessions
  • A private Coaching Journey Board  w/ customized 'homework' practices
  • Private messaging support from Dylan to aid your ongoing progress

Group Coaching

Group Coaching Icon 4 150x150

Connect to Transform Your Deeper Limiting Patterns

One Payment of:

$ 1247

  • Includes everything in the Online Course Package
  • One 90-minute Private Session with Dylan, anytime during the course.
  • 12 Weekly 2-hour Group Coaching Sessions of UZAZU-based, guided re-patterning of subconscious beliefs
  • Building deep connections, learning & getting support from the Group
  • 2 Extra Group Sessions, after the course is complete, for Integration

Core Course

Single Person Core Course 1 150x150

Learn the Foundations of Dynamic Embodiment

One Payment of:

$ 647

  • 12 Weekly Course Modules with engaging learning & practice videos
  • Handy PDF Overviews of all practice materials
  • 12 Weekly Live, 90-minute Interactive Practice Classes with Dylan
  • A community forum to interact with other members as you learn & grow
  • Downloadable Practice Videos

This course is currently in session and will start again in Spring 2019

The Live Practice Classes are each Tuesday, 2:00pm-3:30pm EDT (GMT-5)
The Group Coaching Sessions are each Thursday, 2:00pm-4:00pm EDT (GMT-5)

As people from around the world take this course, and many cannot attend the class, the class replay is always posted in the course within 12 hours. You can have a very rich experience without ever attending live.

As the group coaching is a very personal, interactive experience, it is important that those who join can make most of the sessions live (and there will be replays of that as well, for when you can't make it.)

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Open Quote 2 150x150

When you do it, you feel better emotionally, mentally and physically

This system is so vital, fresh and organic. When you do it, you feel better emotionally, mentally and physically. UZAZU deserves to be studied by anyone with a serious interest in promoting mind-body integration.

Larry Stoler, PhD, DCEP

President Emeritus of the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology​

Course FAQ

You might have some questions about how/if this course will work for you, and which package is the best fit right now... If they are not answered here below, please click on the chat button in the lower right corner of this page and let's get them clarified! 

About the Core Course:

When are the Live Online Practice Classes & how do they work, practically speaking?

What if the time slot of the live class doesn't work for me, or if I have to miss some?

What if I’m away or unavailable to keep up during some of the weeks?

How many hours a week will I need to dedicate to this, in order to get everything out of it?

What kind of physical space do I need to have, to practice UZAZU Dynamic Embodiment? And is it Loud!?

About the Group Coaching:

What does the Group Coaching ADD to the process, and why isn’t it just part of the course?

When are the Group Coaching Sessions & What if the time slot doesn't work for me?

About the Private  Sessions:

​Why would I add Private Coaching, and what’s the difference with the Group Coaching?

What’s the recommended frequency of the Private Sessions? And can I adapt them to my schedule?

What about just doing the Course and Group Coaching now, and maybe doing some Private sessions later?

How are your Private Coaching Sessions structured?

Can I meet with Dylan personally before deciding if to go for the coaching now or not?

Dylan Newcomb Close 2
I am very much looking forward to sharing this Foundations of Dynamic Embodiment course with you and supporting you on your journey into a more ease-full and joy-filled embodiment! If you have any questions about the course, please reach out to me directly via the chat link on this page. 

I hope to be able connect with you soon in the weekly live practice classes and perhaps again more deeply in the group coaching sessions.

- Yours, Dylan Newcomb

See which Course Package is best for you:

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About the Author

Follow me

Dylan Newcomb is the founder & lead trainer of UZAZU Embodied Intelligence, a master embodiment-based coach for helping professionals & cultural creatives, and an avid embodiment researcher.

Dylan trained at the Juilliard School in both dance performance and music composition and was a multi-award-winning choreographer-composer in the Netherlands for over a decade. Generously funded by the Dutch government, Dylan went on to co-found Danslab Institute for Movement Research in 2001, where he conducted cross-cultural research for several years, exploring how vocal sounds, breath, and movement influenced thought, emotion, and behavior across hundreds of subjects. This research formed the basis for what has evolved into the modality now known as UZAZU Embodied Intelligence.

Over the past 18 years, Dylan has taught this unique approach to embodiment training to over 3,000 students across 4 continents. He has trained coaches, therapists, group facilitators, policemen, doctors, and business leaders in how to quickly balance their inner states to bring more ease and flow to their engagement in the world.

Dylan lives with his wife Kyung-sun Baek and their 11-year-old daughter Kiana in Freeport Maine, USA.

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